Core Competence

Transparency In Operation

Wayota has self-developed visualization system and owns overseas branch with warehouse. Our transportation channels owns strong controllability. Furthermore, we have developed our own cross-border logistics TMS, WMS system, and flow service to ensure logistics management. We don’t allow far warehouse near delivery,high collection and low allocation.

Fast Delivery And Strong Stability

Wayota signed up with Matson which has stable space of ships. Customers can receive goods within the fastest 13 days. We started in-depth cooperation with COSOCO. Therefore, Wayota guarantees that cabins and containers will be carried out safely. In 2022, on-time departure reate of our ships is over 98.5%. 

Low Inspection Rate

Wayota has own customs clearance license and new cooperation model. We pay full text and we would separate general cargo with high inspection class goods. Thus we can reduce the rate of inspection at source. Wayota rejects imitation brands, food and other contraband products.

Long-term Focused Power

With 12 years experience, Wayota maintain the momentum of sustainable development. In the future, Wayota is going to expand the company size so that we can provide professional and timely service. As a reliable and powerful logistic enterprise, Wayota manage sustainable brand business with heart.

Service Assurance

Every client in Wayota are provided with dedicated customer service and Wayota can give response quickly. We have adequate basic delivery and able to deliver full container at multi-point. We are committed to offering stable and reliable service. Wayota promise: zero lost items, zero transit, zero loss.

Quality-assured Performance

Insisting in self-built logistics channels and long-term in-depth cooperation with brand seller, Wayota has been performing well in contract execution. Our company is fully qualified, dealing with 9 types of dangerous cargo under normal procedure. We will be highly responsible for every order!