After Typhoon “Sura” passed, Wayota’s entire team responded quickly and unitedly.

Typhoon "Sura" in 2023 was predicted to have the strongest wind speeds reaching a maximum of 16 levels in recent years, making it the largest typhoon to hit the South China region in nearly a century. Its arrival posed significant challenges to the logistics industry, causing disruptions and delays in transportation. Logistics companies needed to make quick emergency responses and risk management measures to collectively address the disaster risks, minimize losses, and ensure business continuity.

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We always prioritize our customers in our company. As soon as we receive notification that the warehouse is ready for receiving shipments, we promptly inform our customers, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of their goods in transit to our warehouse.

Upon arrival at the warehouse, we faced the challenge of limited storage space and a shortage of pallets. It was crucial to quickly load containers and release goods from the warehouse to alleviate the storage congestion. The supervisors and colleagues from our company's business department tirelessly joined the warehouse team to assist with unloading and labeling tasks. The warehouse staff swiftly implemented corresponding measures, working through the night to load containers. With everyone's concerted efforts, we successfully completed the shipment of 13 containers in a day.

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Let's give a big thumbs up to our outstanding Wayota employees who continuously strive to reach new heights together with the company.

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