Global Air and Sea Booking(Rapid and With Space Guarantee)

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Own mainstream shippers contract/shipping space, traditional rapid arrival booking, space guarantee.

Deep cultivation of air transport for several years, stable airline division about price.

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With a strong global logistics network and warehousing facilities, Hua Yang Da can provide customers with global to post logistics services. In addition, HAYANGDA also has global leading logistics technology and professional logistics team, which can provide customers with diversified logistics services, including sea, air and land transportation services.

About the Route

Aiming to “Boost Global Trade”, the company has shipping spaces contracted with major shipping companies, self-run overseas warehouses and truck fleets, and self-developed TMS and WMS systems for cross-border logistics.
Now we have more than 200 permanent employees at home and abroad, handling more than 10,000 containers per year, with an average inspection rate of less than 3% throughout the year.
The company provides china-to-us/UK/Canada/Europe sea-going container/consolidation services, eliminating intermediate logistics links, effectively reducing logistics costs and providing one-stop high-quality logistics services. Cross-border to overseas warehouse services, cross-border to FBA warehouse services, for other exporters to provide the United States/United Kingdom/Canada/Europe sea container custom services. According to your needs, anytime, anywhere to provide you with the best logistics program!
1.Fast Response, provide customized services, managed logistics tracking and Operation Services, parts lost, zero transshipment, zero loss!
2.Self-developed visualization system; overseas branches; strong channel control; zero tolerance for fraudulent shipment distance shortage and for poor services at high prices.
3.Low inspection rate,A customs broker license in place; new cooperation model; full tax payment; import customs clearance for general and strictly-inspected cargos; inspection avoidance from the source; rejection of counterfeits, food and other prohibited cargos; compliant shipment of 9 types of dangerous cargos; complete qualifications.
4. Strong efficiency and stability
Stable Matson shipping for 13-day delivery at the fastest speed; in-depth cooperation with COSCO for 100% shipment; a punctual departure rate of over 98.5% in 2022
5. Long-run efforts
Diligent efforts in business operations and in sustainable development
6. Good-faith order fulfillment
Self-built logistics channels
Long-term and in-depth cooperation with sellers in the industry and trade sector


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