Value-added services for overseas warehouse

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British American Canada overseas warehouse to provide FCL direct delivery, unpacking technical, warehousing, return for labeling.

Los Angeles overseas warehouse a consignment, product maintenance and other services.

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Shenzhen Wayota International Transportation specializes in sea freight consolidation, providing you with professional international logistics and warehousing one-stop service. No matter where the goods go, our professional team can customize a low-cost and high-efficiency LCL solution for you from your needs. The goods are delivered to our overseas warehouse, FBA transit to US Amazon FBA warehouse, European FBA and Canadian FBA, and we also provide overseas warehousing, B2B order delivery and other comprehensive services. No need to worry about stock preparation, you can consolidate goods anytime and anywhere.

About the Route

FBA into the warehouse seamless docking
Wayota International Transportation provides China to the United States/Canada FBA warehouse of the first journey logistics services, support FBA Exchange, FBA returns, FBA trans-shipment and other full-service.
We also provide value-added logistics services, based on the completion of the basic functions of logistics, various extended business activities according to customer needs, and services such as unpacking of goods, re-labeling/re-packaging, packaging/sorting/assembly/parts matching, product return management, assembly/parts assembly, testing and repair, etc. on the basis of ensuring the low-cost operation of a single logistics function.
We have rich knowledge and experience in customs clearance. We handle foreign double-clearance customs declaration and inspection; we take care of all customs clearance procedures for you; we provide efficient, safe and fast customs clearance services for each customer. We also have FDA / ISF declaration / one for one service, specializing in cross-border e-commerce sellers and other B2B foreign trade business to provide a comprehensive generation of packaging, on behalf of the single, on behalf of shipping, free warehousing and other services. We provide you with comprehensive standardized services to provide strong support for your logistics services.


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