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Professional self-operated overseas warehouse.The company offers  self-operated warehouses in 5 countries: China/USA/UK/Canada/Vietnam. Cross-border intermodal one-stop service, with modern warehouse and distribution center, can provide customized services.

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For sellers to store, pick, pack and deliver goods at the sales destination. To be precise, overseas warehousing should include three parts: headway transportation, warehouse management and local delivery.

Currently, overseas warehouses are becoming more respectable in the logistics industry due to numerous advantages. Wayangda International Freight also has common cooperative overseas warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries, and can provide one-stop service to customers in place, and is also continuously developing overseas warehousing systems to achieve worry-free FBA headway transportation warehousing and delivery.

About the Route

The process of our company's overseas warehouse, 1.order arrangement and warehouse loading in the system, confirm and enter the order placed by the system, let the customer deliver or pick up the goods, warehouse inspection, record, labeling, and
Intelligent measurement and recording of cargo size and weight; 2. warehouse inspection and on-time shipment, unpacking for compliance inspection, shipping the goods through channels to designated storage areas, printing last mile delivery labels for re-inspection, shipping the goods from the warehouse to the terminal or dock; 3. container tracking and customs clearance, preparing the necessary documents and completing customs clearance, loading the goods into containers
Provide real-time logistics tracking details, arrange import customs clearance and taxation 2 days before arrival at the destination, and transport the goods to the terminal in the destination country; 4. Reliable last mile transportation, pick up the goods at the terminal or dock container, unload the goods at the overseas warehouse, last mile delivery to the destination address, and finally issue the goods receipt.

The advantages of overseas warehouse, with the traditional foreign trade goods to the warehouse, can greatly reduce logistics costs, equivalent to sales occur in the local, can provide a flexible and reliable return program to improve overseas customer buying confidence; short delivery cycle, fast delivery, can reduce the rate of cross-border logistics defects transactions. In addition, overseas warehouses can help sellers expand their sales categories and break the bottleneck of "big and heavy" development.


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